Thursday, February 12, 2015

Psychological Being

blogger is fucking my colors up  

Well did this impromptu shoot with Hatake (Sharley)  along with this photo-set wayyyyy back -  nearly 5 months back? Promised to upload her share of photos here but…. I … procrastinated. 

So here are they! View her post: here 


On a side note, I'm almost done with SCHOOLLLLLL. Left with one more day of class, some tests then graduation in 2+ months time and… TADAA I'M FREE. (jk not free cause I'd be working full-time so … I'd still be groaning in pain or something) 

Well, wishing those who are graduating all the best and good luck in whatever you might want to pursue, no matter studies or career-wise. 

… and I'd update again real soon cause I wasn't lazy yesterday (wow) so I have some photos ready for sharing teehee. 


Oh yea, I started a lil business called Paca Merch (@pacamerch) and I'm really pleased with how its going…. its been quite a few months already but …  since i'm such a 'hardworking' blogger, I've obviously not … made a post about it. Maybe sometime later when i get ma shirts done and I can get outfit snaps then :-) 


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