Sunday, November 8, 2015

A lil like Spirited Away

These photos were from March 2015, more than 6 months back. From a trip to Taiwan with ma bud, Jenell (who is actually afraid of cats but bravely accompanied me and withstood my deranged cat molesting). These were taken in Jiufen and Houtong (Cat Village). All in a day's trip and we also went to Pingxi afterwards, but it was too dark for anymoar photos.

The Hayao Miyazaki film - Spirited Away is actually modelled after Jiu Fen and I've actually re-watched parts of the film while editing these photos. There were definitely resemblances throughout of the town. Feeling accomplished to have visited the inspiration site for one of my childhood movies! (too bad I didn't go to the Ghibli Musuem when I was in Tokyo - next time fo sho)

Exhausted ma fuel editing all this backlog so I have nothing much to say.... Till next time! (I actually have lots more photos to go... but well, God knows when I'll edit more photos again.... tee hee)

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